Erhöht Cluster Dextrin den Insulinspiegel?

Does cluster dextrin increase insulin levels?

Cluster dextrin, also known as hyperbranched cyclodextrins (HBCD), is a carbohydrate that is gaining popularity due to its rapid absorption and low impact on insulin levels. In this blog post you will learn whether Cluster Dextrin actually increases insulin levels and what benefits it offers for athletes.

What is cluster dextrin?

Cluster dextrin is a man-made carbohydrate that results from the breakdown of amylopectin, a component of starch. It is characterized by its highly branched, cyclic structure, which makes it particularly quick to digest and easily tolerated.

Cluster dextrin and insulin levels

Compared to regular carbohydrates, cluster dextrin has several advantages when it comes to insulin levels:

  • Low glycemic index: Cluster dextrin has a low glycemic index (GI) of around 32, which means it absorbs more slowly into the blood and raises blood sugar and insulin levels less than high GI carbohydrates.
  • Rapid Absorption: Despite its low GI, Cluster Dextrin is rapidly absorbed by the body, making it an instant source of energy without raising insulin levels significantly.

Benefits of Cluster Dextrin for Athletes

The properties of Cluster Dextrin make it an attractive source of energy for athletes:

  • Energy without a drop in performance: The rapid absorption of cluster dextrin enables a constant supply of energy during training without a drop in performance.
  • Low Stomach Stress: Cluster Dextrin is easily tolerated and causes less stomach discomfort than conventional carbohydrates, which is particularly beneficial for endurance athletes.
  • Promotion of regeneration: Since Cluster Dextrin only moderately increases insulin levels, it can help to replenish glycogen stores and promote regeneration after training without impairing fat burning.


Cluster dextrin increases the insulin level only moderately and offers athletes a readily available source of energy that is easily tolerated and supports regeneration. For athletes looking for a carbohydrate source that doesn't greatly affect insulin levels, Cluster Dextrin is an interesting option.

Cluster Dextrin · 1000g
Cluster Dextrin · 1000g
Cluster Dextrin · 1000g
Cluster Dextrin · 1000g
Cluster Dextrin · 1000g
Cluster Dextrin · 1000g
Cluster Dextrin · 1000g

Cluster Dextrin · 1000g

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  • Pure highly branched cyclic dextrin as an ideal source of energy
  • Optimum absorption and tolerability
  • Long, medium and short chain carbohydrates
  • Excellent solubility
  • Made in Germany for best quality

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