Cluster Dextrin vs. Waxy Maize

Cluster Dextrin vs Waxy Maize

In the world of sports nutrition, finding the perfect carbohydrate source is a constant theme. Cluster Dextrin and Waxy Maize are often at the center of this discussion. In this blog post, we compare the properties of both products, work out the advantages of Cluster Dextrin over Waxy Maize and highlight their areas of application.

Properties of Cluster Dextrin and Waxy Maize

cluster dextrin

Cluster dextrin, also known as hyperbranched cyclic dextrin (HBCD), is a carbohydrate made from amylopectin. It is characterized by its low osmolarity and high molecular weight, making it a rapidly available energy source that can simultaneously provide long-lasting energy. Cluster Dextrin is easily absorbed by the gastrointestinal tract and does not cause stomach upset, making it an ideal source of energy for athletes.

Waxy Maize

Waxy Maize, or waxy maize starch, is a native maize starch obtained from a special breeding of waxy maize. It consists mainly of amylopectin, a polysaccharide also found in potatoes and other starchy foods. Waxy Maize has the advantage that it maintains energy levels for a long time after ingestion and contributes to faster replenishment of glycogen stores after training.

Advantages of Cluster Dextrin over Waxy Maize

While both Cluster Dextrin and Waxy Maize are considered high-quality carbohydrate sources, there are a few advantages of Cluster Dextrin over Waxy Maize:

  1. Faster passage through the stomach: Cluster Dextrin has a faster passage through the stomach than Waxy Maize, which means that it is absorbed faster by the body and therefore provides energy faster. This is especially important for athletes who need energy quickly during training or competition.

  2. Lower Osmolarity: Cluster Dextrin's low osmolarity results in better gastric tolerance and less gas and bloating than other carbohydrate sources, including Waxy Maize. This makes Cluster Dextrin a favorite carbohydrate source for many athletes.

  3. More stable blood sugar levels: Cluster Dextrin has less of an impact on blood sugar levels and insulin secretion than Waxy Maize. This means that it leads to a more constant supply of energy without causing blood sugar levels to rise sharply and then fall again.

Applications of Cluster Dextrin and Waxy Maize

Both carbohydrate sources, Cluster Dextrin and Waxy Maize, have their specific uses depending on the individual needs and goals of the athlete.

Applications of Cluster Dextrin

Cluster Dextrin is particularly suitable for:

  1. Endurance Athletes: Due to its fast gastric transit and steady energy supply, Cluster Dextrin is an excellent carbohydrate source for endurance athletes such as marathon runners, cyclists and triathletes.
  2. Intense training and competitions: Athletes who need quick energy during intensive training sessions or competitions can benefit from Cluster Dextrin to increase their performance and prevent fatigue.
  3. Athletes with Sensitive Stomach: Because Cluster Dextrin is easy to digest and doesn't cause stomach upset, it's a good choice for athletes with sensitive stomachs or digestive issues.

Areas of application of Waxy Maize

Waxy Maize is particularly suitable for:

  1. Post-workout nutrition: Waxy Maize can be used post-workout to quickly replenish glycogen stores, aiding recovery and promoting muscle protein synthesis.
  2. Bodybuilding and Strength Athletes: Waxy Maize is often used in combination with protein shakes by bodybuilders and strength athletes to replenish glycogen stores and support muscle growth.
  3. High Energy Athletes: Athletes who have high energy needs and require sustained energy may benefit from Waxy Maize's slower release.

Overall, both Cluster Dextrin and Waxy Maize offer benefits to athletes, depending on their individual needs and goals. Cluster Dextrin scores with its fast stomach passage, lower osmolarity and more stable blood sugar levels, while Waxy Maize is known for a long-lasting energy supply and faster glycogen storage replenishment. When choosing the right carbohydrate source, one should consider personal requirements and training goals.

Cluster Dextrin · 1000g
Cluster Dextrin · 1000g
Cluster Dextrin · 1000g
Cluster Dextrin · 1000g
Cluster Dextrin · 1000g
Cluster Dextrin · 1000g
Cluster Dextrin · 1000g

Cluster Dextrin · 1000g

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  • Pure highly branched cyclic dextrin as an ideal source of energy
  • Optimum absorption and tolerability
  • Long, medium and short chain carbohydrates
  • Excellent solubility
  • Made in Germany for best quality

Discover Gods Rage's Dextrin® Cluster - the ideal source of energy for your muscles during training. Benefit from optimal absorption and high bioavailability thanks to long-, medium- and short-chain carbohydrates that are distributed over the entire duration of your workout. Enjoy the excellent solubility and easy dosing of Cluster Dextrin® which, unlike other carbohydrate sources, does not cause any annoying side effects such as stomach upset. Use Cluster Dextrin® to optimize your training and increase your performance .